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More from this site. Development best practice not use the api that collects the device udids breaches the privacy the user. Venmo touch does not use apple udid identify the user across multiple apps and will not be. Kobiton bucket set with nonpublic. Udid unique identifier for each ios device. Please review our online privacy policy. I received the following rejection message. The purpose this post clarify opinion why think forgetting about the nonpublic api can lead bad framework and api designs. The libmobilegestalt. Applications that use the static library have had concerns about the use dispatchsync should update. How find udid how get udid working with ios7 works with ios udid since ios find udid get iphone udid get ipad udid get ipod udid get. Get apidevicesudid retrieve device udid. To identify ios device uniquely udid was one option but apple has now removed the api retrieve udid. Nonpublic api usage the app references nonpublic selectors myappios cardnumber cardtype